Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Weaning Journey: In the Beginning

Kenan has turned six months old! I have breastfed him for half a year and I must say it feels like an accomplishment, considering that I almost gave up after encountering some difficulties during the initial days.

Now, he is moving on to the next phase - taking semi-solids. As usual, this mommy here is a blur and scrambled to find out what needs to be done. We also just bought a high chair for him, the day before we  started the cereal. But this wasn't a last minute buy though -the store ran out of stock and we waited for the new chairs to arrive, and thank God they came in time!

And here are the photos to chronicle Kenan's journey...

Kenan tries out the high chair at Ikea. At $25, it's a steal.
(tray and support cushion are sold separately)

We have this philosophy of not spending a bomb on baby stuff, because of the high chance that the items will end up in the store room. 

On this particular high chair, we thought it's so cheap that even if Kenan ends up not liking it and we have to give it away, we won't feel the pinch!

From the store to the home - Kenan gets a try on HIS high chair, and he seems pleased with it!

Kenan's first food - Happybellies organic brown rice cereal

I didn't know what cereal to get but some hardworking mommies from the forum did their research and recommended this brand of organic cereal. Happened that someone organised a spree and I joined in. Thank God for the forum mommies!

Daddy had the privilege of feeding Kenan his first cereal

Kenan wants to feed himself and grabs the spoon from daddy

It was quite a mess and Kenan isn't too happy about it! *LOL*

This is the start of Kenan's journey in taking semi-solids. Already, I'm beginning to dread it somewhat, because of the amount of effort that goes into his meals - from making the cereal (I express breastmilk to mix with the cereal) to the feeding, plus all the washing that goes with it. In comparison, breastfeeding is a breeze. Yet on the other hand, I also look forward to finding out what tickles my boy's palates and what his favourite foods will be. I'm really hoping that he will be a foodie like daddy and mommy!


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