Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things are Looking Up

Although it's only the start of July, I'm already feeling that this is going to be one good month!

There were a few exciting things that took place over the last few days, beginning with the AGM of the AICI South-Asia Singapore Chapter on Friday. It was a good time catching up with all the image consultants, after being away for such a long while (since getting pregnant till now). Given the SATC theme, the AGM turned out to be a fashion extravaganza with all the members looking so stylish and gorgeous. It was certainly an inspiration, fashion wise!

Then on Monday, I went  for my makeover photo shoot. I need some professional photos for my potential website (or I might use it for business card, not decided yet). I've not had any photos taken at a studio since my wedding, so it really brought back a lot of fond memories.I had tonnes of fun, and really enjoyed getting dolled up by Amy and Cindy (makeup and hair respectively). I love you ladies, you both did such a wonderful job, I couldn't have ask for more!! Below are some candid shoots to share.

Getting the hair done by Cindy

Photographer Eng Howe from Montage Studios is a really funny guy!

Taking a glimpse of the photos

I'm having fun!

Events and activities aside, the real reason I am feeling happier is that I am finally getting back on track.  Honestly, the past few months have been some of the most challenging times I've ever experienced. As much as I love my son, I really can't give up my work, and it's been a constant struggle between wanting to give more time to my boy, and striving to achieve greater things in my career. There was a fleeting moment when I had thought of giving my boy a sibling, but I can't imagine going through the whole cycle a second time. I'm only starting to get my life back, I can't bear the thought of losing it again.

But whatever it is, I'll enjoy my time now.


jochan said...

Things are looking up indeed. Good for you!

Ruth Wong said...

Thanks dear! ;)


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