Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Family Lounge at PS

As a WAHM, I don't necessarily go out everyday. So hubby is normally the one who opens the mailbox.

Yesterday, he came home with a large pile of letters and ads. Guess because the GSS is here, plus the school holiday is starting this Saturday, so retailers are all out to woo the shoppers. I briefly went through the ads (some I didn't even bother to open up to look inside) and something in one brochure caught my eyes.

It's a brochure from Plaza Singapura. The last time I was there was a few months ago for dinner and we didn't stay to shop because somehow, I just didn't quite like it there. Perhaps it was the layout of the mall or the mix of tenants, I just never have the shopping mood whenever I'm there. I also remember the nursing room in PS - it was possibly the worst I've ever used - old, dirty and smelly, I told myself never to set foot in it again.

So what was it that caught my eyes? The Family Lounge. Yes, apparently they now have a Family Lounge on Level 4 and comes with the following facilities:
  • Cable TV with the latest movies, sports and news updates
  • Fashion, health, parenting magazines, books and newspapers
  • Massage chairs and drinks
  • Toys, board games and Xbox for the children
  • Mobile phone charging and locker service
  • Wi-Fi and surfing stations
Shoppers can also loan baby prams from the mall and there are family parking lots on Deck 3.

BUT wait.. there's a catch. I called to enquire if shoppers need to pay to use the Lounge and found out that you need to spend a minimum of $50 to use the facility (can accumulate up to three same-day receipts). There are some terms and conditions for the use of the Lounge, you can read about it here (rules such removing footwear and wearing socks before entering the playroom, including adults; usage of the Lounge is limited to an hour and admits one adult and two children, children below ten must be accompanied by an adult etc.).

Honestly, I do applaud and appreciate the move of offering more family-oriented services. But I would be happier if we could use the Lounge without having to first spend $50. I mean, won't it be a good place to 'park' the husbands and kids while we women shop? If I have to spend first in order to use the Lounge, then I might as well get all my shopping done and then go off? But guess it's better than not having such a facility.


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