Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loving the Toy Stores

My little boy started walking independently at 15 months old. Since then, he's been enjoying his newfound mobility more and more. But it's not exactly good news for us though, as we have been feeling more and more tired from going after him.

Some of his favourite places to roam are the great outdoors.... and the toy stores!

Wow, there are so many toys here.. let me check this one out...

.... and this one too....

Oh look! There's more over there!

Sometimes, he got so engrossed with the toys that if we were to carry him off, he would cry the most pitiful cry, and made us look as if we had ill-treated him.. haha.

So once, we decided to trick him and say we were going off, hoping that he will be scared to be left behind and obediently follow us. But it didn't happen the way we planned. We hid ourselves a corner and waited to see what happens.

We waited... and waited. Then when our boy finally emerged from behind the shelf, he merely poked his head out to see where we were, and when he spotted us, he happily went back to the toys!

Needless to say, we had to carry him off. But we thought he looked really cute peeping out the way he did! Ah, the frustrations and joys of parenting!

Care to share what things your little ones do that never fail to put a smile on your face?


pc said...

a simple grin from the little one; or when the elder one look at me (pouting) and ask me to smile:).

indeed, it is very cute of him peeping out to look for you:).

scarlet reynolds said...

I absolutely love going to the Toy stores. My kids are happy when we are there and that makes Mommy happy, too.


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