Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Fuss, No Tears!

Today, we took Kenan for a haircut. We've postponed this for a couple of weeks, because to be honest, we dread bringing him for haircut given the way he fussed and cried in the past. It's one of those occasions where we both felt quite helpless as parents. But with the hot weather and how easily he perspires, we gave in and finally brought him to the hairdresser.

Upon reaching the salon, I immediately took out his shoes and socks. This has become a 'must-do' at every salon trip because skipping this step will likely mean lots of hard work in removing the hair that's stuck on the socks later on (one hairstylist told us she had a client who would even remove the clothes for the same reason). Thankfully, I found an easy solution and need not worry too much about hair getting stuck on clothes or socks. It's to use one of those refillable roller sticky tape (we got it from Daiso) and we always have one in the car ever since.

So anyway, after taking off the shoes and socks, I was getting ready to sit in the chair with Kenan on my lap when the hairstylist suggested that I let him sit in the chair alone.

I objected to the idea immediately. "Oh, but he will cry", "He's still small, I don't think he know how to sit properly in the chair yet"... and while I tried to come up with more reasons to convince her it wasn't a good idea, she persuaded us instead, to give Kenan a chance. "It's ok, just let him try!" she said, confidence ringing in her voice.

We relented, albeit with much apprehension. The stylist put a thick cushion seat on the chair and we placed Kenan on it. When she startd putting the plastic cape around Kenan's neck, I immediately stood right next to him, expecting him to try pulling out the cape and began throwing a tantrum (that's what happened the past few times).

But boy, I was wrong! He sat very still in his seat and remained that way for the rest of the haircut! We were totally amazed. Seeing the serious look on his face and how well behaved he was, it felt as if he has suddenly grown up.

And kudos to the hairstylist. She was very patient with Kenan and you could tell she has a way with kids. I must really thank her for giving us the confidence to give Kenan a chance to be more independent.

Kenan is able to sit by himself for the haircut

Kenan takes a look to see how the haistylist snips his hair off

Having some distraction helps Kenan to sit still 

Thankful that Kenan got such a wonderful hairstylist today, who gave him a really nice haircut


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